One of our unique specialties at East Coast Firearms of Dutchess County NY is that we feature a variety of collectible firearms. We’ve found some excellent pieces from many eras of history. We carry pieces from the Civil War, the fifties, and the seventies. All of these collectible pieces are in excellent condition and will look fantastic in your firearm enthusiast’s display case. The team at East Coast Firearms is sure that any one of these vintage pieces are sure to be a welcome addition to the collection of any firearm enthusiast.


488. Spencer. Saddle Ring Carbine. Cal .52 Rimfire 22″ barrel. One of the most popular Civil War Carbines. This is a civil war model made between 1863 to 1865. These repeating carbines were fed through a magazine tube in the butt. Other features include full round barrel, post front sight, carbine ladder folding rear sight, single band saddle ring and bar, lever action, walnut stock, steel carbine butt plate, and rear sling swivel. Stock is in excellent condition with no cracks, only a few minor marks of ant kind. Matching serial numbers. All metal is a soft grey patina with some age freckling. Perfect action. Strong six groove rifled bore. Center fire Conversion block has bee installed to shoot center fire ammo. Original block is included. Far above average example of this popular Civil War carbine. Serial # 3XXX6.

Sell $2,600.00

453. Walther. Model PPK. Semi auto pistol with Nazi Police markings and holster. Cal. 7.65mm (32ACP). 3.25″ barrel. The left side of the frame is marked “eagle/C” Nazi police acceptance stamp. Manufactured 1942. Includes an original leather holster.

Serial # 38XXXK.

Sell $2000.00

428. L.C. Smith. Model Specialty. 12 Gauge SxS Shotgun. 32″ barrel. Auto ejecters. Hunter one trigger. Ventilated rib. Beavertail fore arm. 6,600 made. Serial # 8XXX9. (Consignment)

Sell$ 2,300.00


365. Heckler&Koch. Model P7. Cal. 9mm. 3.8″ barrel. 8 round box magazine. Comes in original box. AKA “THE SQUEEZE COCKER”. Manufactured in Germany from 1979 to 2008. The P7 was prompted after the 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre. The West German Police wanted an advanced service pistol to replace the existing 7.65mm (32ACP) Browning. Also known as the PSP (Police self loading pistol), it was adopted by the German counter terrorism unit and the German Army’s special forces. The grip of the P7 features a built-in cocking lever activated by gripping the pistol handle. Before the pistol can be fired, this lever must be squeezed. Thus this lever acts as a safety. Squeezing the cocking lever with a force of 15.7 LBS cocks the firing pin. Once fully depressed, only 2 LBS of force are required to keep the weapon cocked. The Weapon is then fired by pressing the single stage trigger, rated at 4.5 LBS. As long as the lever is depressed the weapon fires like any semi automatic pistol. If the lever is released, the weapon is immediately de-cocked and rendered safe. This method of operation dispensed the need for a manual safety. Serial # 6XX1.

Sell $1,500.00


147.Colt. National Match. Cal 45 ACP. Match grade barrel with bright excellent bore. This pistol was the first produced in 1957. Manufactured 1966, The pistol is as new. The pistol is equipped with a beveled barrel bushing, and recoil spring plug. Hand fitted slide with enlarged ejection port, long adjustable over-travel stop trigger. Elliason adjustable rear sight and a flat mainspring housing. As new in the box. A beautiful National Match pistol. Serial # 17XX6

Sell $ 2,850.00


235.Browning. Belgian made Auto 5. Light 12 Gauge. Manufactured 1967. 26″ ventilated rib barrel with an excellent bore.Retains 97% original blue finish on barrel and receiver. Flat knob long tang. Plastic FN buttplate. Forend and stock rate 97% with crisp checkering. A beautiful early A5.Serial # 7G75XX5.

Sell $ 1,250.00

195.Charles Daly. O/U B.C. Miroku. 20 Ga. Superior grade. 3″ chambers, ventrib, choke S/S, barrel selector, auto ejectors gold trigger. Scroll engraving similar to grade one browning superposed.Select checkered walnut stockand forend. All screws face north and south. Miroku guns are high quality with excellent fit and finish. Miroku guns are becoming quite collectable. Gun is 95 to 98 percent. Serial # 52XXX5.

Sell $1,100.00

154.Mauser. Model Luger. German s/42 marked P.08Cal. 9mm. 4″ barrel with an excellent bore. The metal surfaces of this beautiful Luger retain about 90% plus original blue with some loss due to fading on the high edges and contact point wear on the receiver which has faded to dark grey. The pistol has blued small parts which rate excellent overall, with a few light operation marks. The numbers are all matching on all parts. The toggle is s/42 marked and the receiver is dated 1937. The checkered walnut grips are correctly numbered to the gun and rate very good to excellent. The pistol is correctly Waffenamt marked eagle/ 63 with correct military proof marks. Included is a single aluminum based magazine with an eagle /63 but is numbered 8414v. This is a very attractive Luger with complete matching numbers except for mag. Serial # 6XX8

Sell $2,500.00

108. Colt SAA Revolver. Cal. 38-40. This fine Colt features a 4 3/4 in barrel, six shot fluted cylinder, single action. All metal surfaces are a smooth gun metal patina. Revolver sports a pair of nicely fitted original vintage ivory grips. Screws are perfect. Factory stamps are strong. Front sight is untouched. Four perfect clicks. Indexes perfectly. Has strong bore. Nice old cowboy gun in a popular barrel length, caliber and with beautiful Ivory grips. Includes a copy of the factory letter. Serial # 2374XX.

Sell $2,750.00

514. Maynard Deluxe Model no 16. With side mounted Kahles scope. Cal .22 rim-fire. 26″ barrel. 2 piece highly figured checkered walnut stocks with nickel Swiss butt and octagon to round barrel. Case colored receiver with blue finish barrel and quick detachable German 4-power optics in claw mounts. Very fine overall with much blue remaining on barrel. Case colors have faded to mostly a coin finish with some colors visible in protected areas. Swiss butt retains most if not all nickel finish. Walnut stocks are in very fine condition with most finish remaining with some light areas of distress, Bore is excellent as are mechanics. Equipped with a leather sporting sling mounted in period swivels. Serial # 23XX.

Sell $ 2,950.00

571. Colt Model Match target. Cal .223 16″ barrel. Slandered issue semi automatic, magazine fed match target M4 carbine. With collapsible four position composite stock and matte finish. Excellent condition inside and out. Serial # CMH004XXX.

Sell $1,600.00

158. Winchester M1 Carbine. Cal. 30 Car. 16″Mfg. 1942. “W” marked barrel with a bright excellent bore. The metal surfaces retain about 95% of what appears to be original parkerized finish with the operating rod, trigger, recoil spring housing and hammer having a later blued finish. The two rivet narrow hand guard rates excellent and the high wood butt stock rates very good. Both have a few light dings, the stock has some small chips present. The oval cut buttstock retains little original varnish and the cartouches are faint but still present , they are correct for this vintage carbine. The carbine features an “S” marked flip-up rear sight, early push button safety, late magazine release and a narrow barrel band. All the parts appear to of Winchester manufacture except for the magazine release. Included is a canvas sling with oiler and a “IW” marked polished blue magazine. A great carbine in excellent condition that with the exception of a few replaced parts is a wonderful example by the most popular of M1 manufactures. Serial # 11785XX

Sell $ 1,750.00

515. Remington Model 1100. Semi auto shotgun. 12 Gauge. 26″ ventilated rib barrel. Blue finish, walnut stock. Manufactured 1978. Choked modified. 2 3/4″ chamber and a 14 1/4 ” LOP. Excellent condition. Serial # L93765XX.

Sell $ 1,050.00