firearms dutchess county new york

Buying Your First Gun: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Deciding to purchase your first firearm can be a difficult task. There is a lot of red tape to cut through in the process. However, you can make it a little bit easier by thinking ahead and being organized about everything. Since East Coast Firearms is the leading provider of firearms in Dutchess County, New  … Read more

Firearms Dutchess County NY

2017 Featured Firearm: The Colt SAA Revolver

Being the leading distributor of firearms in Dutchess County, NY, we are proud to offer a valuable selection of vintage and collectible guns. We feature firearms from a wide range of history. From the Civil War, World War II, and decades like the 50’s or 60’s, our inventory is bound to have something it for  … Read more

firearms dutchess county new york

Shooting Range Safety 101

Shooting for sport and hunting is a serious skill to acquire. It takes practice. For many new shooters, it may take years to perfect their craft. If you’re a novice and don’t have family members to show you the ropes, you may want to consider checking out a local shooting range. At shooting ranges you  … Read more

Firearms Dutchess County New York

Featured Firearm: The Walther PPK

East Coast Firearms is proud to be the leading retailer of firearms in Dutchess County, New York. Our inventory of guns and ammo provides any firearm enthusiast with options for all of their needs. We also take pride in our stock of collectible and antique pistols and rifles. This month, we are highlighting the Walther  … Read more

firearms dutchess county new york

6 Firearm Safety Tips for Hunters

The team at East Coast Firearms LLC is proud to be your favorite gun, and ammo store in Dutchess County, New York. When it comes to hunting, you know that we carry whatever it is you need. We love being able to provide you high quality firearms, but we also want you to know that  … Read more

Saddle Ring Carbine Firearm

Featured Firearm: Spencer Repeating Rifle

East Coast Firearms of Dutchess County, NY is the largest distributor of firearms. Not only do we proudly sell a selection of new guns and ammo, but collectible guns as well.  This month we will be putting the spotlight on the Spencer Saddle Ring Carbine.   Design and Conception Christopher Spencer patented this rifle in  … Read more

firearms dutchess county new york

So You Want To Be A Skeet Shooter?

If you’re a novice to skeet shooting and want to pick up your first firearm, you’ve come to the right spot. Skeet shooting, if you don’t already know, is a recreational shooting sport in which its participants shoot to break clay targets flung into the air from fixed stations at high speeds and multiple angles.  … Read more

Welcome To East Coast Firearms

Welcome to the blog site for East Coast Firearms located in Duchess County NY. Here we will provide the latest information about our business, new products, and new additions to our diverse line of collectible firearms.   A Bit About Our History A firearm enthusiast from a young age, our owner and founder Glen Vilchek  … Read more